Bidirectional linked relation to/from same table (but as a single column)?

I’m looking to add a “Related” relation column to a table, such that two rows can link to each other as being equally related (i.e., there is no difference in meaning to the relation depending on the direction).

I can select the same table easily enough, but then I have the choice of making it either a linked relation or not-a-linked relation. Neither is perfectly ideal, because:

  • As a linked relation, I end up with two new columns on the table to signify the relationship (which is meaningless here).

    • This would make sense if it were a parent–child relationship, or where the “direction” of the link matters.
    • In my case, though, it doesn’t—if A and B are related, then B and A are equally related.
  • As a not-linked relation, I get one column (which is good), but if I update A to “relate” to B, this is not reflected in B.

What I’m looking for, in summary, is:

  • A single column on my table that links to one or more other rows in the table
  • When I add a link in one row to another row, that other row also links back in that same column
  • When I remove a link in one row to another row, that other row also stops linking back in that same column.

Is this possible without, say, automations (which would chew up my automation quota pretty much instantly)?

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Hey @LxAU,

Thanks for writing in. We would be happy to look at this for you. Are you able to share a sample doc or something your working on? I want to make sure we are understanding your correctly. Thanks for any help or post you can share.


Thanks @Dan_Demers. Hopefully this captures what you’re looking for:


Hi @LxAU ! Thanks for following up with that information. After reviewing this, our team has deemed this a feature request. That said, we have moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for the ability to have bidirectional linked relation to a same table using a single column.