Blank screen on Android app

I grant this might be user error or a phone-specific issue, but I wondered if anyone in the community had encountered it before and knew how to fix it. I’m using a Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0. When I launch the Coda mobile app, I see the main sign-in page with the “Coda in 60 seconds” and “Try Examples” options. When I choose “Sign in,” I see an orange scrolling circle for a second, then a blank white page, and it never resolves to my workspace. The same thing happens when I choose “Try Examples.”

Thinking this might be a DNS issue, I have tried disconnecting from my Wi-Fi and just using mobile data, but no change. I also changed the DNS on my router; I also cleared the cache on my default browser on my phone — no luck. I deleted and reinstalled the Coda app but that didn’t change anything.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

Dear @Brian_Seidman,

You might want to get in touch with the Codans at

Hopefully it will be fixed soon :four_leaf_clover:

What do you know, it didn’t work all weekend, and then as soon as I posted here and you replied, now it’s working again. Guess the :four_leaf_clover: helped! Do you know if this was a known issue or just a problem on my end?

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