Book Cover Image Not Loading

So I’m using one of the book templates … the images aren’t loading … the concatenate is working … as you can see from the screenshot, the url is going to the right cover … but the image isn’t in the table. What am I doing wrong here?

Here is a link to my page …

Any insights are appreciated.

Instead of using hyperlink as the formula, try using image()

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the code seems to work fine

  Left(Right(thisRow.ISBN, 4), 2),
  Right(thisRow.ISBN, 2),

When the ISBN numbers is wrong, it will never work, I guess the issue is here, not in the URL.

Cannot help you any further with it, sorry, Christiaan

I’ll give it a try … thanks,

Ohhhh … I’m sorry … it works when you add a new book … So … the formula is in the value for new rows bit … but I imported the CSV … so … is there a way I can … like refresh the column … and it’ll display them like it’s a new row?

hi @KeyBerry ,

can you add the file to your doc so we can have a look to see how the numbers get in, thus only the csv file on a separate page named CSV file. Maybe the URL requires a format that is not always met by the ISBN (I guess something like that).

Cheers, Christiaan

Yeah, I’ll take a look later this evening, I’ve got a busy Sunday after if me. But that’s so much for replying.

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