Bookmark your Dropbox Content template

I’m trying to remove the copy of referenced template from my list of Docs.

As you can see, there isn’t a way for me to remove and I’ve tried to reach out to Matthew Tebbs, but the only way I found to do that is by leaving a note in the “request access” function, which has been ignored. Anyone have any idea how I can get it remove from my list?

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Right now you can’t remove those docs. You can use the “Created by Me” list on that page to only see the docs you’ve created, and you should be able to delete/remove all of those. Here’s another post on the subject:

Hi! I’m assuming you opened up the Dropbox Template from our gallery and that is why it is showing in your list of accessed documents. Correct?

I think that’s what I did, but it’s been a bit since I did it.

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