How to remove a "view only" doc from the docs list?

Hi everyone.
When I want to delete one of my docs, I just left-click the 3 dots on the right side of the doc line and select “Delete”.
But what if I want to remove a doc that’s on my list, but that’s “View Only”? On this case, the “Delete” option is not available…
How can I remove a “View only” doc from my doc’s list that I don’t need anymore.



Just delete the file in your Google drive.

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Jean Pierre

I am facing the same problem, plus i cant find the read only docs in google drive.
any help?

Hi @anon35856144,

Find your documents in “Created by me” section, to my personal opinion this should have been placed at first :bulb:

Obviously the files in “All docs” that DO NOT belong to you, you can not delete.
These files are NOT be available in your Google drive :no_entry_sign:

In case the owner gives you the rights, you can copy the doc and then this copy belongs to you.

This copy, will be available in your Google drive and you will be able to see the formulas and accordingly you are allowed amend it.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes, i completely agree with you there, it should have been placed first.

My issue however still exist, in the form that i can’t delete these docs from my All docs list.

Theses were templates that i have tried and now i cant make them disappear from my list!


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I’ll cosign this one. I’ve got several that are view only that I would like to remove from my all docs list. It seems like we should be able to remove these from our all docs list even if they are view only.

Same here. I have a view only document named “Example: Remove Duplicate Rows” that I want to remove from my docs list but cannot because it says only the owner (Shisher Mehrotra) can delete. I am unable to remove from my Google Drive because that file does not show on my drive.

I have also a doc I cannot remove from the “all docs” list. It was demo doc which I see now in my list after testing as “Copy of Closet”. Its not on my Google Drive and has no option to delete/remove, so it seems I will have it now forever in my list :unamused:

Instead of looking at “All docs” clicking on “Created by me” in the sidebar will show you only the docs you have created. We don’t have timeline yet on removing docs that you have “viewed” but did not create.

IS there any news on removing docs yet?

please advise

Nothing here yet. If you prefer not to see these docs, you can just click on the “Created by me” tab and you’ll only see the docs you’ve created.

@Orbitrix_Consulting, check out Removing pesky docs from your doc list :slight_smile:

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