Bookmarks, hashtags, topics etc

Apologies if this is rambly.

I find myself taking a lot of call notes with clients, and I would love to be able to tag certain topics with themes / bookmarks. Right now I am relying on highlighting portions of text, or putting an @mention somewhere in the text vicinity to help review the doc at-a-glance. But none of these options seems very coda-esq.

Is there any way to use hashtags to bookmark / organize docs?

Is there a way to highlight a snippet of text, and quickly add it to a certain table?

Is there a way to track and log all of the instances where an @mention has been used in a doc (aside form ctrl-f)?

Hello @Reed_strauss,

One way you can reference a specific line in your document is as follows, but it does have some problems:

Another option would be to store your large text blocks call notes inside a table themselves, then use that row to assign tags, etc. I use this method myself to record logs of calls and conversations, but separate it into separate rows for separate projects/issues discussed, even if it is on the same call.

Unfortunately, your last question is the same one asked below, but is yet unsolved:

Sorry this wasn’t abundantly helpful, but should help frame your thinking a bit on what is currently available, thanks!