Bug : Can't add any new content on a table

“We found a problem. Your doc is safe, and we have been notified. Thanks for helping us find the issue.”

I’m creating a new page, with new tables. After a few minutes, an error page appears and when I reload, the last modifications I’ve made are not saved. And this is repeating for 1hour now.

Dear @Audrey_Wizishop, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear that you have problems with your Coda doc.
Assuming that your tried the typical trouble shooting, restart your computer and assure that your Internet connection is up and running.

You might need assistance from the Codans to check your case at " Intercom" , the question mark (?) at the right bottom of your doc or to write to support@coda.io.
Always good to mention your user details and the doc concerned, if it happening only to a specific doc.

Success :four_leaf_clover: