[BUG] Forms in Mobile APP don't display the Submit button

Here you can see the form on my phone, it doen’t show the submit button
(also tested with a friend’s phone)

And here in landscape mode, where the submit button is barely visible

Anything I can do about it or are Coda’s forms bugged?

(in case someone asks, you can’t scroll to the right, the view is locked)

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@SureKT : Effectively :confused:, even on iPhone (using Chrome), the Submit button is unreachable in Portrait mode (in Mobile and Desktop view) and barely visible on Landscape…

… and I don’t see what you could personally do about it, except, if it’s not done already, contact support through Intercom (using the big question mark ? which should be at the bottom right of your screen when logged in Coda :blush: ) and let them know about it :blush: !

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Thanks a lot @Pch! :blush:

No problem :blush: @SureKT !

@SureKT : A quick add-on concerning this bug :bug: , a fix is already on its way :grin:, so it should be solved shortly :tada: !

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