Forms lost their display format

I have carefully designed my forms with attention to the number of fields I want display in a singel line, sometimes just one, sometimes up to four (the forms are responsive, so on my mobile it is always just one field, but in Chrome or Edge it can be more then that.

These layouts are still intact in the editor, but the layout is lost when I bring up the form for actual use. I think they worked correctly until very recently - this is a bit of a problem, because it makes them look way to long and they are not pretty to look at anymore.

Please advise if I have to do something on my end or if this is a bug.



This happened to one of mine as well - on both chrome and safari in a desktop my forms (linked for external use) are all one huge column.

I think it’s a bug?

Same thing on my end


Dear Codans,

Could you please acknowledge this problem - it is not big time disrupting, but it is not pleasant for our users.

Thank you,

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This issue has been resolved