Loading / UX of Forms

Wondering if anyone else experiences this and has a work around:

I’m building a form, iteratively, and checking it out in preview mode and/or the published form, and no matter if I clear my cache, test it in incognito mode, etc, I see a brief but very noticeable flash of a far earlier version of the form. The heading is “Test Form”, some form fields are previously set column types, then everything snaps into place.

It is, unfortunately, not professional enough for our use case, but also feels like it might just be something cached somewhere along the way that either I should be able to blow away, or might be on some timer. Does anyone have any insight?

HI Dan,

Have you tried it in an incognito version of your browser, or in another browser? That may give you an indication of whether other people will see that old version as well.


Hi @Piet_Strydom, yes, I have tried incognito mode. Unfortunately, it is the same.

I regularly make changes in my form some time ago and the changes take a few minutes at most to reverberate

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