BUG - Subtitle page is not wraping text


Hey @Pedro_Bernardo_Juan_Celis_Caraballo thanks for reporting this! We’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug. Our team will investigate further and we will update you once it has been resolved. Since turnaround time varies depending on severity, I don’t have a clear timeline on when it will be completed. I apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Hi Jasmine!

Thanks. On futher review, I realized that this happening only when “Layout” is in Full mode. It gets corrected when you change to “Wide” mode. But it is still a bug!

Hey @Pedro_Bernardo_Juan_Celis_Caraballo,

It looks like a fix has been launched for this! Please give it another try/refresh your doc page and let us know!

All my best,

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