Something wrong with the emoji?

Hey I just noticed emoji :one: is off in the page. It was alright before today.


Hey there, thanks for reaching out. I’d like to take a closer look at this — can you share your doc with support? You can do that by going to the Share in the top right hand corner, clicking the button in the top right (to the left of the “X”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support.

Afterward, please send us the link (copy/paste this from the address bar) to your doc so we can take a look for you.

If you prefer, you can open a ticket directly with support to look into this further too.

OK I just created a new doc.

Dear @Jasmine_B

I have the same error:


Thanks! We’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug. Our team will investigate further. Since turnaround time varies depending on severity, I don’t have a clear timeline on when it will be completed. I apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime!