Bug Tracker Ideas?


Has anyone built a basic bug tracker yet?

We’re migrating our engineering team away from Jira and would like to put an air gap between bug reporting and engineering tickets. It would be great to see another version for inspiration!

Currently we have a status, title, description, priority, assigned/reported, and a column for screenshots. I feel like I’ve missed something though—any other ideas?


We use a bug tracker at Coda to manage our bugs.

Here is a simplified template in the gallery to get you started.

Our internal one looks something like this with some 20 hidden columns, many automations for notifications and might be an overkill for you. So, I’d start from the template and add to it as your workflow demands.

Happy to have a little chat on what had worked well for us.


Thanks, @mallika! I’ll take a look—somehow I missed this when I scanned the gallery.