Build my own AI Assistant pack

Just wondering if it is possible to create my own AI assistant pack in coda. If yes, what are the possible requirements I should have when building one?

Hey there!

Can you clarify what you mean?

There is already a pack for OpenAI and Coda is coming out with native Ai integrations very shortly as well

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir thanks for your response! Just wondering if I could make something like Coherent Assistant pack. Refer to this link (Coherent assistant Pack, extend Coda with Coherent... | Coda)

Yes. The Cohere API is able to access the same basic functions that Coda used in earlier AI Packs and those I’ve used since 2021 to integrate AI functions into Coda. There is no limit to using Cohere, or any LLM that is open source to provide integrated AI functionality in Coda. I have successfully done this using PaLM (from Google).