Bulk Create Rows


There is no quick way to bulk create rows.

  • Google Sheets starts with 1,000 rows.
  • Microsoft Excel starts with 1,048,576 rows.
  • Coda starts with 3 rows.

Let’s say that I wanted to create a table for the purpose of holding a large, randomly generated dataset e.g., customers in a CRM, stars in the galaxy, human births in a year, city’s daily temperatures over a 5 year span. I’d have to select the first 3 rows, click insert 3 below; select the now 6 rows, insert 6 below; select 12 and insert 12 more below that… That’s going to take me a lot of clicks to get to 1,000,000.

One possible solution:

On full-select of the table, the bottom left [+ create button] transitions from its initial state color of vermillion to a new state color of teal. The new, teal state affords the option for a new experience, this one would be a menu. When clicked on, the [bulk create rows menu] slides out from under the [+ cb] giving four options for the magnitude of bulk creating.

Similar functionality would exist for the columns.


Dear John,

Great suggestion.

A way around would be just to import an *.csv file with as many EMPTY rows as you like to start with.

I hope this would be a kind of solution for you.


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Great workaround, thank you :slight_smile: Works well for more advanced users (like ourselves).

The issue/suggestion I gave is for the “point-and-click” folks who don’t know what “csv” stands for!

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