Button to apply "Values for New Rows"

I have a table where I want to fill a column with a formula but often need to adjust the answers of the formula on per row basis. As a result I started using the “Values for New Rows” feature and than clicking the "apply to __ blank rows " feature in the column format menu in order to calculate the initial fill before I adjust the results down in the table.

This was fine until I started using this trick for more than ~ 6 or 7 columns , when it started to become cumbersome to apply new values.

Is it possible to have a button (or something else) initiate the “apply to __ blank rows” action across a number of columns all at once?

Thanks so much!

You can add a button column which you can trigger based on certain criteria, but I’m not sure I clearly understand exactly what you mean.

I have an example here for ‘pushing buttons in certain rows’, which might work (you just set the formula on the checkbox to match your blank rows).

Hi Joe,

I’m sure I was being unclear.

Can that button (or any button so conceived) trigger the “Apply to 1 blank row” link under the formatting menu seen below? It usually applies to new rows I make but because the results depend on other columns being filled in already it doesn’t usually have the opportunity fill in the formula as the rows are created.

I like to use this feature because unlike a formula in the body of the column I can change individual results if I have to but still get a good estimate for a whole bunch of rows at the same time. While the formulas in the body of the column have to apply to all rows at the same time.

Again ideally there would be a button or something that would trigger this on a bunch of columns all at once.

Thanks a bunch!

Short answer is ‘no’, but you can work around that by defining a ‘blank row’ in a formula yourself (to make it easier to work with, you can add a checkbox with a formula behind it, eg: If([Removal Date].IsBlank(), true(), false()).

Once that’s done, you can use the filtering logic to only fire the buttons that need to be triggered:

RunActions([Table Name].Filter([Is Blank?]).Button)

Does that make sense?

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Yes. I think so. That looks above and beyond my current interactions with Coda but I’m excited to give it a try and learn something!!

Thanks a lot


No worries. If you need some help, give me a shout (@ mention me otherwise I’ll miss it :slight_smile: )

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