Value for new rows not working


I am having trouble with a formula and I do not know if it is a bug…

Hope someone tells me what is wrong.

As you can see I have a switchif formula for the new rows… everything works except when a new row is created, if a press “apply to __ blank rows” it works.

Thanks :+1:

I think that your Horades column is not populated by the time that Coda executes the switchif().

Hi Piet how are you? sorry did not understand.

What do you mean the “horades”, do you mean the time or duration “hours” to not apply correctly to switchif formula?

Sorry, misread - Should be horas…


So it is because the column is in duration and hours? sorry I did not get it

I think what is happening, is that Coda checks the value for the hours column before the hours column has anything in it.

Try and create new rows using a button and addRow(). This should (I think) ensure that there is a value in hours column when Coda executes the switchif().

When you use the plus to add new rows, the “new” row is created with blank values, and via executes the switchif upon creation of the new row.

Hi Piet, how are you? as always thanks for your help.

It is not working, I am not sure why because all the other columns work.

I am using the add row (I created this to make sure that the information I am sending over is correct).

Anyway will keep working on it, thanks again!

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In which table is the button? Or is it on the canvas?

I have been making my comments based on the content of this doc: Step-by-step Guide to Canvas Cells with Auto-Filtering

Hope that helps.

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Will try it out, thanks :+1:

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