Bullet list displaying no duplicates

Hey all,

So I have a summary table where I want to summarise all the projects related to an achievement (in other words a goal).

The issue is this data is pulled from my main MAP table, which lists the project numerous times, depending on the amount of tasks.

All I’m after is displaying a bullet list of all the projects, but I do not want it to display duplicates.

The current formula I’m using is:



HI Danny - my short answer would be as follows: Can you make the column a lookedup column? Because in the table then the entries would only appear once. (I have not tested this.)


Hey Piet, still doesn’t seem to be working unfortunately. Any other suggestions? Thanks my friend.

HI Danny,

Could you share a doc with an example of the table structure(s)? I have too little information to give a decent response.


Not sure if it matches your scenario, but if it helps also looks like this solution Unique names from a list of several duplicates - #9 by shishir may be in-line with what you’re asking for