Button in one table that adds a row in another table, shows some columns as Hidden even though they are not

I have a Checklist for which each item has a button “Add a To-Do” which adds a row in a separate table. This is the only connection between the two tables.

When I click the button, it pops up the detailed view of the new row in the to-do list table, and I’m able to edit. So far, so good.

The problem: Some of the rows are “hidden” in the detail view, and I have to un-hide them each time. Since I’m creating hundreds of to-dos, this small unnecessary step is very noticeable.

Note that these rows are not hidden in the actual table they are being added to.

I tried switching up which rows are hidden and not, with no result. I also edited the button formula with no result.

Take a look at this sample Coda doc (with just a few example rows and example data) to see what is happening.


I may not be understanding your issue correctly, but try this:

  1. When you click the button and it pops up the detailed view of the new row, look in the upper right hand corner and find the icon with three dots. Click that.
  2. Click “Customize layout”.
  3. Drag columns from “Hidden Columns” at the bottom, up to shown columns above that.
  4. You can also drag-and-drop the order of columns and move columns side by side.
  5. Click “Done”.

I mocked up a sample in the below doc. Click on the “Add a to-do” button" to see what a customized Details layout looks like.

Hidden columns in the Details view are controlled separately from hidden columns in the Table view. It’s confusing at first, and could use better UX navigational prompting, imho. @mallika