Button to add line to a table *view* ads it to table instead of view?


  • Feedback table to store basic user feedback (what did we do good, what can we improve). I stored some extra meta data on this table (date of input, user who gave the input). This is the ‘admin’ view I would say. (“Feedback table”)
  • View of this feedback table with the basic columns (not showing date of input for example). This is the view a user should see. (“View of feedback table”)
  • Created a button (the green one below) that should add a row to the “view of feedback table” because user should not be bothered with all the other info.

I can select the table view in the formula, but when I click the button, it opens te full table.

Hi @Filip_Modderie - that doc link requires request to view. You do a public link share (assuming the data is safe for you to share publicly).