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So I am trying to sort out this massive document that has got completely out of control! One of the things I want to do is easily have a button that people can press to show that theyve read a certain table. I have inserted a button as an example in the Trip Risk Assessments // Jurassic Coast // from Durdle Door. If you press the button a new row appears on the Read RA table with the name of the person and the date - hooray HOWEVER I need it to say which table they have read in the Read RA table… Any ideas how I can do that?


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher :blush: !

Do you need the reference to the table or just the name of the table ?

If it’s just the name of the table as a text value you could simply add to your button something like

  [Has been read],
  [Has been read].[Table Title],  // The field to add the table title
  "Table to read",                // the text value of the table title

  [User things you already figured out]

Where “Table to read” would be the name of the table you want to add in your table [Read RA]
(see the canvas blue button in the sample below :blush: )

Or, you could create a table to list all the table you want to “mark as read” and have a button field adding a row in the table [Read RA] … The button on the canvas could press the appropriate button in the table using something like :

[List of tables].Filter(
    [Table Name] = "Table to read 2"
  ).First().[Mark as read - Table ref]

This is the push button formula you’ll find in the purple/violet button on the canvas in the sample below :blush:
It will push the appropriate purple/violet button in the table [List of tables].
The appropriate button being the button in the row where the [Table Name]="Table to read 2" :blush:

The pink button on the canvas does something similar but adds the name of the table as a text value instead of the reference of the table :blush:

A potential other options could be to use directly a filtered view of the [List of tables] instead of canvas button (See under Option 3)

One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you move your tables around you might want to check if the list of the tables is still corrects …

For the sample, I created the tables listing manually but, the Doc Explorer Pack might help you with listing the table in your doc :blush:

Hope this helps :innocent:

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Wow - this is an amazing answer and I have managed to get somewhere but I still cannot for the life of me manage to get the table title in the 'Who has read the risk assessments table?"

I have used the RA in Campus and Residences Risk Assessments called Bournemouth 45a as an example and you can see that I have managed to get my name and the date and time in but alas I am struggling still… I would like to do it in this way with the person clicking the button on the RA itself and then it creates a row in the who has read table…

Any further help appreciated.


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher :blush: !

I’ve just modified your “I’ve read this” canvas button in Campus and Residences Risk Assessments > Bournemouth (45a) :blush:

I’ve simply added "Bournemouth (45a) Risk Assessment" to be added in the field [Name of RA] in your table [Read RA] once a new row is created.

So the whole action formula now looks like this :

  [Read RA],
  [Read RA].Name, 
  [Read RA].Date,
  [Read RA].[Name of RA],
  "Bournemouth (45a) Risk Assessment"

You would need to do something similar for each of the table you want to “mark as read”.

Is that what you were trying to accomplish ? :blush:

Brilliant ! Thanks so much. I’m not sure why I couldn’t manage that part myself but I had to admit defeat. I can now replicate that for all the other tables.

Thanks so much for taking your time to respond,


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No problem @Charlotte_Fisher :wink: !
I’m very glad to know this helped you :blush: !

I know the feeling :sweat_smile: ! I think that sometimes, it honestly just happens :wink:

Just being super fussy now but can I copy and paste the button and then I’d just have to change the name of the table rather then do all the settings each time.

I have tried copy link but that’s not working for me… is it possible?

You can just Copy and Paste the button like you would do with some text :blush: : Selecting/highlighting the button you want to copy, then hit Cmd + c (if you’re on Mac) or Ctrl + c (for Windows) to copy it and then you can paste it where you want :blush: (Cmd/Ctrl + v)

Copy:Paste Button

believe it or not I did try that to no avail but have just tried again and it worked!

Thanks a billion,


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