Button w/ formula ? to open a path name in Finder on Mac

I have a table with a path name for Mac finder.
/Users/juergenheise/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/ or
/Volumes/HDD/Sync/My Second Brain/
I want to open the path name with Mac OS Finder.
Is there a way to achieve this using a button, together with a formular?

  • Copy to clipboard
  • Open hyperlink
    Anybody got any idea?

I’ve wanted something like this too for a while. My particular use case is I want to be able to open a Google Drive folder in Finder instead of in the Google Drive web UI. (Don’t ask me why Google hasn’t built this themselves!)

Here’s what I found so far in my research

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way for a browser to link you to a Finder folder (security reasons)
  • There’s a function in Node.js for this, but not regular browser-executed Javascript as far as I can tell
  • I don’t think even browser extensions can do this (though this requires some more research and could be an avenue)
  • Browsers can link you to apps on your computer (and pass data to them) with URL handlers (i.e. what happens when you click a link to join a Zoom meeting, and your browser asks to kick you out to Zoom). These links use special URLs like zoom://...
    • This, in my opinion, is the most promising avenue here. You could create a Mac app, which you register for a certain URL pattern, that takes in a finder link, and then opens it up
    • The security issues remain; perhaps you could set your Mac app up to only allow opening folders, not opening files (certainly not executing files). And not executing command line commands, or executing files with arguments in any way.
    • In preparing this answer for you I just came across this implementation of this idea which I haven’t tested yet (it’s 18 years old so I doubt would work out of the box, but illustrates the idea)

Update: check this out: LinCastor App

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Great. I will try the LinCastor App.

Ugh, but first we have to overcome this obstacle:

(Consider going to that thread and voting for the feature)

It looks like LinCastor can run a local HTTP server to get around this, but that extra overhead sucks, and I still think Coda should allow custom URL schemes.

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I’ve would ADORE being able to do file management on my system using the “Media Management” application I’m developing in Coda for my zillions of photos and videos!

I would also love to see Coda come out with a desktop application so functionality like this would be possible from within Coda - I already consider Coda to be a marvelous rapid application development platform - having file system access would be the the ultimate!


As in I could look at a file or document or photo on my system without having to upload it to Coda but still refer to it in a text block within Coda. That would be very interesting! Thanks!


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