Buttons to Sync Integrated Master Tables

This idea came to light as I am using a a master JIRA table with all issues from a project. Then I have multiple lookup columns that call to that JIRA table (the JIRA Issue Title is the ‘Display Column’ on the JIRA table).

This allows me to link tasks and projects directly to JIRA tickets. We also have a master project and tasks table that each member of our produc/datat team then has personal views of the project and tasks table.

So often times we can be creating a task in Coda, creating a ticket in JIRA and then wanting to link that task to the JIRA item but first we must refresh the JIRA table, so we have to navigate to that table and sync it in order to pull in the new ticket we just created.

*So here is the proposition: For all of the integrations that sync data into tables, create a button action of syncing that data on those tables.