Buying AI credits without buying a Doc Maker

Hello! I am running a small team (myself and a few volunteers here and there) on a tight budget and thus I have thus far only needed one doc maker. However the docs I am making have a decently sized AI workflow. I need somewhere between 8000-17000 credits per month and it seems unnecessary and overpriced to get another 3-6 doc makers when all I need is additional AI credit. Breaking it down, buying doc makers purely for credits would be paying to get credits at around a dollar per 100 credits and I know its significantly cheaper than that (though very understandably its at this rate since it has all the other Coda features bundled into it the price). I would love to pay for the credits, but at a price that does not include the cost of the bundled doc maker features that I don’t need. From some brief reading around the community, I think there are a number of others in this boat as well.

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Hey there! Until Coda gives this some more love I recommend the open ai pack, just sign up on their website to get your own API token

This’ll also let you use smarter models :+1:


That’s a good idea! I didn’t think about that! Thanks!

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