Where Am I Using AI credits?

I got an email saying that I’ve used up all my AI credits, but as far as I know I haven’t used any.

I’m sure there’s some random AI template I downloaded that is running daily queries of some kind, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of identifying which pages are using the credits. This seems like it would make using AI very hard?

Also, just another reminder that I would love the ability to pay more to use particular models like GPT 4.


please contact support, they are aware of the issue and will help you out
cheers, christiaan

Thanks for the message, and we’d always love feedback on how and where you are using Coda AI. We are actively working on a dashboard that can give admins visibility into which docs are consuming credits, and also happy to work with you if you want to contact us at support@coda.io. In the meantime, here’s a few tips:

  1. Take a look at any hidden columns that might be using Coda AI. If a prompt is referencing another value, and those values update, it’ll refresh the AI.
  2. Hidden rows do not generate new AI content. if you have an AI column and update the prompt, Coda AI will not generate new content for rows that have been filtered. Thus, it can help to filter down any large data sets before you apply AI at the column level. I’m double checking on this one and will update if I find it’s not the case
  3. Test out any prompts in one or two cells before applying the prompt at the column level. You can do this by pressing the AI (sparkle) icon in one cell, or highlight multiple cells then press the icon.
  4. Take a look at the doc map (under your doc settings) and under buttons and controls, anything with a sparkle icon is an AI block. This will help with finding canvas AI items, but table columns don’t show up here. You’ll have to check tables individually, but you’ll see the AI :sparkles: icon next to any columns in a table that are using AI.

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It’s definitely a bug, and you may be able to gain some temporary relief by modifying this setting -

It is a bug and Coda said they’re going to work on a feature to show which docs are adding to the cap. Thanks yall


hi ben,

the problem is that we were provoked by you to test and explore the AI feature through the beta period. now, I have docs with experiments and real workflows running with AI. it is very time consuming to go back to each doc and do the treasure hunting of AI hidden gems. on the other hand, the docs running business workflows suddenly stopped, out of AI credits.

I was about to launch the english version of my facilitator assessment. the backend is running on coda, with a pinch of AI (2 columns with very low consuming credits actions). but now, all my launching plan is down, since I must wait 20ish days to renew my credits.

how can we rely to use or sell an AI coda doc with so low limits and no possibility to buy more credits? yesterday, for example, I spend the role day working in a new AI template. but I lost my day, because I can’t move forward without AI credits.

I hope you could fix it, as fast as possible, to make coda AI - the best implementation of AI around - really useful.



Thanks for the great feedback! We’re hard at work at adding more analytics - more details on what’s coming here: Coda AI new credit limit system, buy extra credits? - #36 by DavidK

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After experimenting with different approaches to the time-consuming whack-a-mole of hunting for AI-enabled columns, here’s what turned out to be the fastest approach for me.

  1. Ask Coda support to give you a list of your AI-consuming docs.
  2. In each doc, open the doc map in your right-hand sidebar by clicking on the gear icon in upper right, then scrolling down to Doc Map.
  3. Click through the doc map to highlight each listed table (you only need to click through the main tables, not the alternate views of each table). As you do so, keep an eye on your LEFT-hand sidebar: as you click each table name in the doc map, the page containing that doc will be highlighted in the left-hand sidebar. (You may have to scroll up/down through the list of pages to see what is highlighted.)
  4. As you find each page in the left-hand sidebar, ctrl-click on it in the left-hand sidebar so you open it in a new browser tab. Do this until all table-holding pages are open. (If you have lots of tabs, Coda may stop loading the pages, but you can just refresh those tabs when you get to them.)
  5. Click through each tab in turn to find the table(s) on each open page. When you find each table, click “columns” at top of the table to see a list of its columns in right-hand sidebar. Once you see the list of columns, look for the ones that show a little AI “magic” icon.
  6. Click on each AI-enabled column in the right-hand sidebar, and click “remove AI” from there. (You don’t have to click into the table itself.)

This is NOT a fast process, but it’s faster than the other approaches I’ve tried, including installing the Doc Explorer pac to get a stable list of tables. (Because Doc explorer shows you each view as a separate table, so you end up duplicating effort.)