How long should 2000 AI credits last?

I just opened my very first doc that uses AI. It has a basic table where you add a meeting transcript in one column and then another column generates a summary of the transcript. The meeting title is also auto-generated if you don’t add one.

I added a transcript of a 45 minute meeting, edited the AI prompt twice, and got a notification that all my AI credits were used up. In fact, the Coda account dashboard indicates I used over 3,000 credits in just 3 minutes.

The table did have one sample transcript in it so in total AI was generating on two transcripts. Meeting summary for 2x meetings, run 3 times, uses ALL the monthly AI credits? Is this right?

yes, I treat CODA AI credits as a trial that forces you to upgrade to an unlimited AI package.
Let’s hope someone will build OpenAI pack with streaming support.

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