Fastest way to get more AI credits (doc makers didn't work)

I just discovered Coda has now capped AI credits. Happy to pay to increase my quota but it’s a weekend and since I am at 2x my quota, I had to add 2 additional doc makers to get my credits up to the level that in theory would turn AI back on. But it seems that the additional credits don’t kick in until my billing cycle, so adding all these doc makers to my bill hasn’t fixed my problem.

Any suggested workarounds that will get me more credits I can use right away so that I’m not bottlenecked for the weekend? I’m already on a Team plan and other than adding doc makers I don’t see any other DIY options. I’m happy to pay if I can find something that will work right away.


Hi @Alexandra_Samuel ,

Thanks for writing in and I’m glad to see you’re using AI! In the future, to add more credits to your account you can add Doc Makers to your account.

To unblock you today, please reach out to or open a conversation with our Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right of your screen requesting help with adding more credits.

Hope that helps!


Also just wanted to chime in here - when you add additional Doc Makers, you’ll get a prorated number of credits right away - but these might take up to 5 minutes to show up. Please do reach out to support if you don’t see them then or need further assistance.

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Thanks for these suggestions. The support option doesn’t work on the weekend, and the doc makers additions didn’t seem to kick in either, but next time I’ll give it a little more time to see if that works. Thanks!

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