Calculating -- System Value

I’m stumped. My client’s doc is extremely slow and the first item that shows up when measuring doc performance is a view of a table and it says “System Property (default value)”. Then the next item says “System Property (value)”.

Since there are no columns in that table/view called System Property, what the heck is this and why is it taking 2 minutes for the doc to process these two items?

All the other items seem to be acceptable times.

Hi @Susan_M_Davis :blush: !

Do you happen to have a canvas formula in the slow view of your client’s doc ? (or a canvas control)

I remember stumbling upon System property (value) and System property (default-value) some time ago while testing a structure/workflow for one of my doc and after the very quick test I just ran, it seems to be linked to canvas formulas/controls.
(I have no idea what they both do though :sweat_smile: )

Thanks! I do have a canvas select/lookup and it was using a custom filter. I removed that custom filter and I think that removed this “system” item.

Thank you @Pch I never would have suspected that.

Now to keep tweaking and see if I can get rid of the other slow bits.

My pleasure @Susan_M_Davis :smiling_face: !

Courage :raised_hands: !

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