Calculating values from related columns

I am trying to multiply the value of three columns in the same table. However one of the columns has a numeric value being bulled from a related table in a selector type column. The calculation is giving me an error and I don’t understand why. It worked fine when I wasn’t using a related table value. Why isn’t it recognizing my effort related column value as a number? Thanks in advance

Hi use toNumber for transform

impact.toNumber() * …

Thanks, looks like it still doesn’t work though. I adjusted the columns so that impact and effort are pulling from related tables (where the column in that table is a number column). I added the transform to both of them, but still wont calculate. See screenshot

humm ok sorry, my bad.

you relation is object (row). Exemple impact is object. Take the property (column) in which is the number.


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Ahhhh, ok thanks @Math_24 ! Here is a screenshot for anyone else who may stumble upon this thread. How understand it more plainly now is: start with the table name (Impact) and then adding a dot and then calling the specific column name (which happens to also be “Impact”). So Impact.Impact got me to the numeric output i was wanting from that select list.

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