Can a view inherit conditional formatting from another view?

I have a master list of tasks (my table). I have a “hotlist” view (the tasks that have specific priorities/dates, that I want to try to get to soonest). I have a “Today” view that’s built on the hotlist view - if I check the “Focus” column in my hotlist, the tasks are to be attacked today.

Is it possible to set a conditional format in Hotlist and also have Today inherit it? If it’s not set in Masterlist?

I could set the format in MasterList, I suppose – I’m just wondering if conditional formats can originate from a view and inherit elsewhere…

Not possible unfortunately. Best you can do is copy the view with all the formatting, then set it up again to be that another view you need. That’s if setting up all the formatting would take longer than copying and adjusting the view.

What I’d love is to be able to propagate conditional formatting from views to the master table. Often I’d add all the formatting to a view, only to later discover that I want it to be shared with all other views.