Can I Auto Populate a Table

I have a select drop down that lists team names from the team members table.

Is it possible to have it so when the team name is chosen in the select drop down that rows are added to another table on the same page with the members of the selected team?

For example, the team names are Windows Engineers, Unix Engineers, Data Center Operations, and Database Administrators. I also have a table named Meeting Attendees on the same page. When I select the team (for example, Windows Engineers) I would like all the people from the Team Members table that have that team designation to be added to the Meeting Attendees table.

Hi @Chris_Hall

if you dont mind to push a button after you select your team, that’s even better. Running an automation to check if the select dropdown as changed could take time and is not that elegant in your use case.

I created this little example. Then main formula on the button is this one, it will run through your people list, filtered with the selected team from your dropdown, and for each corresponding people, adding a row in your attendees list with the name (+ other information eventually) of teams’s people.

It will create one row for each attendees in this case


You can play around with that. Could this proposal fit to your needs ? Q.


I also created a variant (see the second page in the doc), where you have a list of meetings, and you eventually would like to add all people from a team in one single cell corresponding to your meeting. Check the code and let me know what’s better for you.

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This is a perfect solutions! Thank you so much!

Please by my gust @Chris_Hall , enjoy then ! :wink:

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