Can I create a formula to count my....coloured fields? 😬

Hi community,
I have this task to calculate overall score for my list of hackathons.
I created a formatting if some cell has interesting for me value it becomes purple. Is it possible then sum up all my cells in a row which are purple?
here I summed up them manually, is it possible to automate it?

Hi @Anna_Makota yes you can definitely do this! Just create a formula that uses Count() on the formula you are using for the purple conditional formatting.

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Hi @Anna_Makota ,
@Johg_Ananda is right.

However is not clear if all cells of those columns are purple or only in case of certain condition(s).

In that case it’s also possible, just be careful to β€œextract” the conditional logic within your table, instead of relying on the conditional formula.

So, for instance:
If Days Left column has a threshold of 40 to… become purple, you should

  • add a column Days Left Highlight with the formula Days Left >= 40
  • set the conditional formatting on Days Left Highlight (=true)
  • get the sum of all highlighted Days Left with [Your Table].Filter(Days Left Highlight).Days Left.Sum() (or .Count())

I hope this helps.