Conditional format columns that contain formula

In a table that has a mix of user editable text and numbers as well as computed formulas, I’d like to make it very obvious which fields need user input and which ones are computed by formula.

If I could write a conditional formatting formula that looks like this

Conditional Formatting when:

Highlight the field with the selected color.

Perhaps as a base functionality should visually represent the input fields v.s. the formula fields. Currently the “f” for formula only shows up when you highlight over the column.

Hi Ed

What I currently do is to make the conditional format = light grey for all columns that are not open for input - so formulas and lookup, like below:

Rambling Pete


Thank you, this is possible when manually updating each column with a formula. I wish that there be a way to style the formula columns globally.

I do notice that the iOS mobile app has a different style for formulas v.s. input fields.

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