Can I create a tool (in Coda) for reformatting .csv files

Hi Coda Community,
Is there a way to automate a process after you do it manually the first time? I want to be able to import a .csv and always reformat it in a particular way. For example, always view only Columns 8, 3 & 7, in that order and run formulas combining columns 3 & 7. The point is that I only want to do that process manually once, and then very easily be able to redo my entire process on another .csv in one click. Is there the ability to create tools like that in Coda?
I look forward to hearing from you all.
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Hi @Darren_Kiner,
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If the operations that you perform are always the same, then surely you can set-up an automated conversion from the csv to the table/views in Coda.

If you could share your doc (or a sample of it, if you can’t share some information) I’d be happy to help with concrete examples.


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Hi Federico,
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.
What if I wanted to ask Coda to develop a tool for me that would do that? Do you have staff software engineers that could do that? Basically, I’m looking for something like this:
Import a Typeform .cvs file and run a process within Coda that does the same thing every time (reformat, etc). It’s basically a simple process that we use csh or python in Unix, but this time it would be a simple tool that your staff would help us build.
Please let me know if this is possible, and yes, please send me links to examples.
Thanks again,