Can I have a calendar view that pickup elements from different pages?

Hi, I’m pretty new at Coda so forgive me if this is obvious.
I’m trying to build an editorial calendar for my blog.

I have a Doc with different pages. In every page there is a tab (showing a month of the year with records for each day) and a sub page with its calendar view.

I would like to have a calendar view which shows all the records of every month. Is it possibile?

Hello @redazione_cassero

I don’t think it is possible to do this in the way you have organized your data.

However, you probably should setup your table a bit different: put all your calendar items in one table and show a view of this table on every page. With a filter you only show the items relevant for that page.


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Hi @redazione_cassero
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

@joost_mineur’s solution is definitely a great approach.
If you could share your document (or a meaningful sample of it) it would be easier to see alternatives.


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Thank you to both of you.
At the moment I don’t have the situation described since I’m trying different alternatives to make it work.

As for now I put all my items in one table, so the calendar view shows them all. The only problem is that working on a very long table is giving us some problems, it’s not always fast and I assume it will be worst when we will have records for several months.

I think that @joost_mineur 's solution could fit my situation because it’s similar to existent but we could work on different pages filtering them as a view (if I understood).
I will try and let you know.