Can I reference the name of a page in a formula?

Is there a way to reference the name or title of a page?

For example, I have a different page for each vendor and would like to use the vendor name in filters in other tables so I only see the info for that vendor on their page.

Hey there!

Its not as easy as referencing rows or other information in a doc, but it can be done with a little more set-up. While others may have different ways of doing it by extracting the pages names from URLs and other methods, I find the best way is to use the Audit Pack and its “Pages” sync table

The pages sync table will always keep a list of your docs pages up to date including that pages Icon and more!

Hopefully that helps some


Hi Chris,

Can I ask why the info about Vendors is on page(s) rather than in a table?


Thank you! I’ll give this a shot!

I have records pertaining to vendors spread across 9 tables currently and would like a single page for each vendor to see only their info when I speak with them.

Hi Chris,

Another question? Why 9 tables?

3rd Normal form is not all that important in the new data structures. For example. When SAP moved R3 to S4/HANA, they reduced the cluster of tables for financial documents from around 10/11 tables, to a SINGLE table.


Most are self explanatory, however I included an explanation for discounts because it could be a bit ambiguous.

  • Vendor Info & Important Documents
  • Vendor Interactions
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Contracts
  • Contract Compliance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Quality
  • Defect Rate
  • Vendor Discounts (early payments, bulk orders, group orders, and goodwill gestures)

Ok, so a little more than master data.

  1. If Scott’s suggestion of getting the vendor from the page name using the Audit Pack works, then your problem is solved.

If not, I have two proposals that you could consider.

  • One method is to create a select control on the page for the vendor. Then filter each of the tables in the vendor page by referencing that select control.
  • The alternative is to create a “Super vendor” table with the two fields: the vendor number/id and a canvas column. Populate the canvas column with a template of your vendor page. For each vendor table on the canvas page, filter using the parentrow().vendor number/id.

A further benefit from the second approach, is that it makes future maintenance of your vendor pages extremely easy. If you want to change around the columns sequence in a table, if you want to change the tables sequence in the page, if you want to add a new vendor related table, all you need to do is change your template page, delete the existing canvas column entries, and ask Coda to again add the template to all empty rows.


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I REALLY like the idea of a select control.

That way when I find a way to make the page better next week I’ll only have one page to update.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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