Can I show different fields in each tab of Detail View?

Hello. I’d like to create a Detail View for one item (an educational resource idea) and each tab within the Detail view would show different data (i.e. different fields/columns) such as keywords and metadata, standards and skills, layout ideas, etc. Is there a way I can do this by clicking each tab within the Detail View, and each tab showing different fields?

It looks like I can only see the same data/fields for multiple rows, and the only way to show different data/fields is by creating filters or different views that hide columns, where maybe I could have one view show metadata, another view to show standards and skills, and hide everything else within that view. And the tabs would be for separate products. But I don’t want the tabs to show separate resources, I want it all to be about the same resource.

Is there a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do? I want to create pages that focus on one resource and everything related to it, but I’m stumped as to how to do that with the Detail View.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I also need this functionality, but there is no possibility to hide columns with buttons/filters as far as I know. The only way out at the moment is to create different views and switch between them.

Bummer. All right, thanks for the response.

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