Customized detail view by filter

Out of the gate, I had this working. I have a table called “work” with “phases” similar to a status. I grouped the table view of Work, then I created views of the work table, filtered to show one for each phase, and hid columns to show the relevant fields for each phase. In a nutshell this was to be very similar to a pipeline, allowing a user to input data only for each relevant phase of the work. I didn’t try to tweak settings but this worked originally and I decided to move the duplicate work table detail views to another page to get them out of the way. As soon as I moved them this functionally broke, clicking the detail view of a “work” item in the work table would show the same layout of detail view despite the phase. Moving them back changed nothing. I’m pretty confused, not sure why this worked in the first place, can’t find settings that seem to affect the modal view of this table in any variable way. Any insight?

Dear @Jordan_Bork, welcome to the community

I am sorry to understand that you have been ending up in a confusing situation.

You will be able to see the history of your doc and set it back till a certain period in time

That should at least bring back the stage that all was working.

Rather difficult to judge what you have in mind, I recommend to create a new page in your doc, where you start to do what you intended to do and name the page where is your main structure to something like “Database”

You can create views of these table and amend (hide, filter, etc) according your use-case