Can I use ParseJSON to retrieve data from a website?

Hi community!

I’m making a multi-currency finance tracker, and I need exchange rates. Using currency exchange pack is not convenient for me:

a. It is buggy and failed me several times
b. It loads for a few seconds each time I’m using my tracker, delaying row opening

I’d like to get currency exchange rates from a website once a day, and store this information in a table.

In order to retrieve the information, I’m considering using ParseJSON() function. If I understand it right, I can rewrite Xpath to JSON and feed it to the function, getting the information from a website of choice inside my doc. Then I’m going to use daily automation in order to copy data from the website to another table with historic data on currency exchange rates.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is my plan viable at all? I’ve read the description of ParseJSON function and skimmed through the linked doc titled Xpath for JSON, but I can’t comprehend that. My programming skills = 0, never written a single line of code.
  2. If my plan is viable, can anyone please help me rewrite Xpath to JSON, so that I can copy your solution for other currencies? Or guide me through the steps, required to get from the website name and an Xpath to a JSON string for the function?

Regarding p.2: I’ve googled that, but I still have stupid questions, like:

  • Translating Xpath to JSON follows some syntax rules, when “/” become “.” etc. But in the example book[1] becomes book[0] in JSON. Does it mean a number always is decreased by one?
  • How do I include the website in my JSON string?

Here’s the website I want to retrieve data from:

Here’s an Xpath of a currency value I’d like to retrieve:

Hi @Vasily_Skalon,

You may want to head over to the Coda Experts Directory and see if you can contact one of the builders specifically as it sounds like you have a great idea here.

Hope that helps!

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