I am trying to import some JSON data and pondering why it is not working as I had hoped.

This is a link to JSON data published by the National Library of Medicine:

This is an attempt to import the data into Coda:

Questions which arise are:

(1) How do I import into Coda the actual JSON data at the URL rather than just a link to the data? I could not figure out how to bring the actual data into Coda to be parsed by the PARSEJSON function. For test purposes. I manually copied and pasted it into a new field. What would a better way be?

(2) I could not figure out a JSON Path to import all of the assorted variables in the JSON data - is that possible? Some online JSON converters reported that the JSON is not in proper format. Yet if I import the same JSON data into Coda using Zapier, it is able to parse it. Is there a way to parse this with the ParseJSON function in Coda?


OK I can answer half of my question - it turns out the format is not JSON; it is an older format from the 1980s called ASN.1

That leaves the other question - if I have a table which contains a URL to a page of JSON, how do I reference the contents of that page rather than the URL address?