Can someone hep me with this formula please

Hello ! My brain isn’t wired to work out formula’s and any help would be super appreciated!

Someone created a formula in my doc and i can’t reach them to ask for their help. I need to work out what information I need to be writing to make the formula work. In the photo attached there is something written before the quote in the ‘Full Quote’ column that then disappears and adds the information to the ‘Time/Quote Start’ column. I have also attached an image of the formula. Thanks so much and I hope that i am making some sense !

Hi @Karlie_Shelley :slight_smile:

It would help a lot if you could share the doc, maybe someone will have the time to give it a look :slight_smile:

In the meantime, that formula just say

Take the timestamp, make it into a text, add an “@”, add the full quote text, and cut it at the 20th character, and something else that is not seen there

This looks like a really custom function, that is probably related to whatever the doc does ahahah

Best suggestion is to ask to whoever made that doc in that way :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community @Karlie_Shelley :partying_face: !

I don’t known exactly what the problem is with your formula (except for the fact that someone somewhere used + to concatenate things) but you could try this maybe, using Concatenate() :

  thisRow.[Full quote].Left(20),

Or this with Format() :

  thisRow.[Full quote].Left(20)