Can't Copy Error Messages?

Is there not a way to copy error messages from formulas? When I am troubleshooting a formula and get an error, I am unable to copy the text of the error message so I can paste elsewhere for answers. The error text is unselectable/uncopyable. I gotta be missing something easy-dumb, right?

Hi @Monroe_Claycomb,

I just did a little testing and figured out you can not copy the error-text in the simple formula-editor. But you can if you use the expanded formula-editor.

(Not working) Simple Formula-Editor:

(Working) Expanded Formula-Editor:

I hope that solved your question.
Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.


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I have this issue all the time. :sweat_smile:
Ideally, Coda should have a “copy” icon to make it easy to copy an error message.
Or even better, it should try to provide suggestions on fix with AI. (similar to Grammarly or QuillBot)

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