Can't see my category list

Hey, guys do you know how can I see my new items in Category? I’ve changed my list of different category, and I see them in the table but when I create a task there are no new items in category column.
I’ve added a gif to show how does it look right now.

@Anna_Makota check the Filter you have for the table.

I did, I saw the old version of category there, I tried to delete this filter and create a new one but somehow the old list of categories is saved here

Yes but you’re still filtering by Genre & Status:

oh I guess I’ve found a solution, even though I’ve changed the names of categories it still was old version of the category list in its settings!

anyway thanks for the help!

Hi @Anna_Makota
(and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:)

This is one of the reasons why it’s a bit safer to use selectable lists from tables, so you can decouple (and reuse) their values.
If this is not clear, feel free to ask.


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Hi @Federico_Stefanato :wave:
thank you, will do it :nerd_face:

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