Canva Custom Template Options?

Hi, since canva is generally used as a proxy for pages, used mostly in detail view. I thought it’d be helpful to allow us to have templates in canva(since it’s just markdown)

Not sure if it is already possible or something coming along or further down the pipeline? It’d be helpful to know. Thanks!

Hey @Chen_Zhong ,
you can already set a template for a canvas column.

You can just use the “value for new rows” in the column settings. You write some text in there, but you can even select a whole page as a template page there.

More about that can be found in this help article: Canvas column type | Coda Help Center
The last point in FAQs describes how to make a template :slight_smile:

Hope that is what you are looking for!

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haha nice, I should’ve thought of that. Thanks!


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