Captcha for Form!

Hi community! :slight_smile:

I’ve recently been filled with bot generated entries in a public form i’ve made, this was nothing terrible but still annoying, so i had to add a text “captcha” made of a simple mathematical operation between 2 random integer to mitigate the issue, but i think we could have at least something more secure than a self implementation of this important feature!

I’d like to say that this was proposed before but poorly considered

And yes a classic recaptcha would be perfectly fine, but!

At this point that we have to do it let’s do it more creatively (and it’s a security feature so codans you have to do it hehe)

Something like this would be wrong for coda but still more creative than selecting redlight boxes :slight_smile:

Or also the binance app have a puzzle piece that slide that is more mobile friendly!

I would like to make this topic a collection of ideas to solve this issue! :slight_smile:

Post your ideas down below! :smiley: