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Hi community,

We have been using Milanote for a couple of years and generated lots of ideas, but just signed up for the Team plan. Since they are captured in bullet lists based on topics, this has become unmanageable and the info is extremely difficult to find. I would like to capture the ideas simply with basic info like headline, description, area it belongs to (game, finance etc. ) ease of implementation and effort. The question I have is what would be the way to do this? We have easily 1000+ ideas. The ideal situaton would be to have a system where ideas are easy to find, where we can move them first to a backlog to be prioritized then move along to implementation. Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:

HI Stefan,

Your question is more of a process nature, rather than a technical nature.

Do you want to organise your “areas it belongs to” hierarchically, or multidimensional?
How do you want to expand those ideas? Into a to-do list, or is further research necessary still?
How do you cross reference those ideas?

The very easiest would be to create a table with a row for each of the ideas, and a column for the area of interest, the priority, etc.

But that would not even scratch the surface of what you should do to identify, develop and implement business ideas.

Let me know if you would like a quick complimentary discussion to explore what you could do. I have a lot of experience in this area, but unfortunately nothing in a doc that I could share publicly.


Hi Piet,

Thanks for reaching out. Would love to a a quick discussion to explore more. Since we have a lot of ideas, I want to have some sort of structure before I start adding ideas to Coda.


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