IdeasKeeper - keeping your ideas organized

Hi everyone,

i just made a simple Coda doc called IdeasKeeper. It inspired by James Altucher idea machine (writting 10 ideas a day).

Im using paper notebook but after a while it gets pretty messy and I couldnt keep track on my ideas so I made the document in Coda :).

I made a video where I describe it a little bit

Hope you like it.
If you be interested I can share the doc with you, just let me know (need to get rid of my data first hehe)

Would be happy to hear any feedback.
Thank you


Hi @Emil_Franek!

Thank you for posting the video of your doc! I like anything that has to do with brainstorming and this does a great job of letting you write everything down. But it also lets you narrow your focus for the more important or exciting ideas to act on.

If you decide to make a general version of it, you can share it so people can “View and Play”: Sharing your Doc

Thank you again!

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Thank you @benblee for your kind words.

I will definitely share it with community I just need to improve it a little more and do it more customizible.

Have a nice day.

Looking forward to trying this doc ; )