CFL or variables in embed of link

I am trying to embed a page, (either by embed on a page or by doing a page embed) but I don’t know beforehand what the URL will look like.

It looks like I can’t use any CFL or a named textfield to enter the URL, which kind of surprises me. Am I overlooking something, or is this a limitation. Would Coda consider making CFL available in these items?


Or perhaps add an extra field to add some custom parameters to the url?

you are correct.

a full page embed cannot use a formula or variable for the url.

like you, i am surprised. but there may be some recurity reason.
perhaps a formula could be used to generate a full page embed that looks like my online banking website, and i might enter my pin and have it stolen?

but its so obvious that its a coda doc i am in!

i cant believe they just ‘forgot’ to enable CFL for the url field.


i ‘emulate’ a full screen embed with a regular page, title & subtitle disabled, and a regular embed of the url but expand the iframe to the biggest size possible.

not QUITE the same, but so far its near enough.


Hey @Xyzor_Max ,

Thank you for your reply, but a regular embed doesn’t take any CFL either. It is not about the stretching of the embed to make it look like a full page embed, it’s about the parameters (that will be different from user to user) that I want to add.
The only way it works now is with a hyperlink button, which does accept a URL and CFL, but that takes me out of my doc and opens a new browser page or session.

Greetings, Joot

Last time I checked, the Embed() formula did take CFL (because it’s a formula). Just add it with a formula, i.e. typing =

Full page embeds yeah, can’t be formulaic. Hopefully they add that. And also automatically including subpages.

Thank you @Paul_Danyliuk , I can’t believe I overlooked just typing the formula. I was “/” entering embed, but just typing it out worked.

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