Change dot with comma

I frequently import numerous CSV files from Excel to Coda, but I face a significant issue: Coda uses a dot instead of a comma to separate decimals.

This leads to complications as the tables fail to properly recognize numbers (especially currencies in my case), and it’s not easy to rectify this.

How can I solve this problem?

Hi @Roberto_Tarzia

Quick example with split/join functions

and then right click “convert as editables values” in the calculated column to use it instead of your source data.



EDIT : true engineers would probably have used regex, but you know, I still havent learned regex :smiley:

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indeed Regex would be a way out @Quentin_Morel :wink:

however the simple regex to replace a comma and put a dot is maybe not going to work well when you have both a dot and comma’s in your set up. That would require a more complex regex checking for a pattern and that depends on how your numbers are shown. I did not yet develop this Regex (which should not be too difficult).

An alternative is to apply this coda function I explain and show in this blog:

I hope it helps, Cheers, Christiaan

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Alternatively you can make the change in Excel, then copy.

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