Is there any way to change the number symbols "," to "."?

When i copy paste from google sheets i have a problem:

The price was coming from Google is 1.110,63
But Coda do not understand the “,” and have a problem. It looks for 1,110.63
Is there any way to change point to apostrophe ?

Ok gave this a shot, and was actually more complicated than I originally thought it would be. Is there a more straightforward way?


Does it matter? Likely not. This should work for you. But im sure people like @Rickard_Abraham or @Xyzor_Max might be able to think of a more elegant solution

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I would take a different approach. Coda doesn’t need a comma to identify data as number type.




THere we go! Much better!

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I presume this arises from the need to display numbers in the european format instead if the us/uk format

we want to STORE numbers in the native Coda form; with dot for decimal-point, so that all the usual operators will work as normal.

but we want to DISPLAY the numbers in the european form, with comma for decimal-point, and optionally use dot for the thousands seperator.

the solution is a Custom Column Pack, which takes the contents of a cell as its input parameter, but displays the value returned by the pack.

so this pack will take a string parameter (forcing the number in the cell to be converted to string; with a dot for the decimal point) and it will convert that dot to a comma and return it.

it could also insert dots as thousands seperators.

in fact this approach could be used to create custom column types for currencies not yet supported by Coda; by appending the required currency symbol to the returned string


I agree with @Xyzor_Max . There should be a localization setting in document settings. And I shouldn’t have to deal with column definitions every time. When European settings are selected, copy-paste operations from Excel can work flawlessly. I used AI features for this. It was helpful, but I have to wait for 5000 rows for the process. The robot processes each row one by one. I think using AI will be expensive way in a short while :blush:

I followed @Xyzor_Max idea and just created a very simple pack that creates a column that converts number written in the correct format to the american one.
You can check it here bellow.


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